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The Prentice Family

The Prentice Family

Lori started teaching aerobics at 16 years old, and has had a love for teaching ever since. After a BA in Child Development and MA in Education, the ARMY taught her about efficiency and teamwork. She has been Director of Education of Sylvan Learning Center in Tarzana, CA and has worked at several schools as a general education teacher.

Lori created Winning in Education Magazine, a research-based quick-read dedicated to guiding third through eighth graders towards academic success. On the cover was an honored teacher and inside were articles to 68,000 readers giving practical strategies that parents and teachers could use right then to solve problems. Baby #2 put the brakes on WE Mag, and with Baby #3, Lori had a 3,1year-old and newborn in a triple stroller, starting her on the concept of multitasking to fit fitness in her daily get-to-do lists. She bounced back and forth between homeschooling and traditional schooling, whichever worked best for each individual child and the family schedule.

In looking at her own children’s needs to play and wiggle during lessons, and her own need to multitask in order to get things done, she developed Brain Romp, The Active Approach to Learning. Lori has taught students and educators fitness combined with reading and math across Central and Southern California. A special treat is hearing her therapy ponies’soft nickers and clip clops on shiny tile when the family takes them visiting into hospitals, nursing homes and libraries.

Lori is far, far from a perfect Christian. In fact, she jokes and acknowledges, “My picture’s on plenty of dart boards.” She believes she can spend time and energy pulling out or deflecting darts, or she can just let the light within shine through the holes. Lori has a hard time turning away from injustice, and she is constantly trying to learn how to be softer and more gentle.

Lori credits her husband Jay with the secret of their success in reaching people who are homeless. Without Jay, there would be lots of fancy ideas and no way to ground them and turn them into reality.

Lori doesn’t go to church every weekend. In fact, some months they don’t go at all. Sometimes people feel they need to jump in with both feet or not at all, and loving Jesus isn’t about an attendance card. She wants to emphasize- just because people attend church and sing bright and chipper doesn’t mean they truly understand and apply what they have learned. And just because people don’t attend frequently doesn’t mean they are thumbing their noses at their religion.

Lori takes a firm stance against pastors and churches who counsel and promote staying together in relationships where physical abuse is present. Many of the people who come to the Prentice home are trying to leave someone who is physically assaulting them, in which case Lori believes divorce is an option and in some cases the only option. Throughout her life, Lori has stood her ground in her own driveway on more than one occasion, with guns pointed at her, and people who have physically assaulted others threatening her. While the Prentices do screen individuals who come stay in their home, and their guests do not have access to the main part of the home, screening is not fool-proof. She asks for your prayers in safeguarding her family and home, and for discretion in finding people they can help.

She currently teaches at an at-risk elementary school where her students tell her about the nightly gang gunfire on their streets, and the school secretary takes home uniforms once a week so they can get washed.

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Author, Lori Prentice
Lori is the creator of Brain Romp—the active approach to learning that incorporates physical activity and games with learning to read. A wiggle worm herself, Lori homeschools their three kids, Melanie, Tim and Ginger, in a structured, yet look-for-an-opportunity-to-put-your-skills-to-good-use kind of way. Lori is proud of her ADHD and considers it a blessing. Without it, many projects would have been deemed too risky or would never have been started. Lori has always wanted to be an “otter” (that was her long-ago kid-speak for “author,”) and with The Best Dinner I Never Ate, she has her chance. Lori loves writing, and has an obnoxious streak (woops, can you tell I wrote my own description??).

I read with enthusiasm the article in the Fresno Bee that featured you and your family’s ministry to the homeless. As the Mayor of the city of Bakersfield, who launched Home First: Kern County’s Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in 2008, I applaud your efforts to reach out to the most vulnerable in your midst with your unique and unconventional approach.

Home First is a 10-year action plan we created through the collaborative efforts of many sectors of our community to address the challenging issue of homelessness at its very core. It is my strong belief that every individual and family deserves safe, affordable housing.

I have purchased a copy of your book, The Best Dinner I Never Ate, and it is my plan to read it to as many young students in our community during my celebrity reader events in 2014.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors to make a difference in the Oakhurst area.

With best regards,
Harvey L. Hall, Mayor
City of Bakersfield